Traveling Overseas during investigation and adjudication

Would there be any issues with traveling overseas after my subject interview? I’ll make the investigator aware of it and give them a phone number to reach me at in case they need to speak with me.

As long as you are going to US friendly countries, like UK and other EU allies, you should be alright.

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Thank you very much. I will be visiting Australia.

Oh yeah - you are fine then … Have a blast there :slight_smile:

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Literally rule number one when I read about clearances with the company that is sponsering me was if you happen to travel overseas we will not be able to continue with the investigation/adjucation process nor will we be able to contact you overseas while you are abroad. We recommend you do not travel overseas while going through this process . But to each their own I guess

Hmm… seems unreasonable considering the process takes several years. A person has to completely put there life on hold? As long as the person has a phone number they can be reached at and are willing to fly back immediately if needed for a follow up interview I don’t see any issues. Perhaps an investigator could give there opinion on this?

I’m currently cleared, cleared for 30 years and I cruise about every other year. Friendly countries, vacation for 7 to 10 days, not an issue. If they leave a message while I am away, I return it when I return. It regularly takes 18 months for a TS so I would agree to not put life on hold. Visiting Cuba, Iran, Iraq, etc…might be different.