Major mistake and out ?

Life was good until a few minutes ago. I am not sure if i am freaking out for nothing or am in major trouble:

-Enlisting in the military-Green Card Holder, will not get a clearance, but receive a t3-investigation.
-(January 2018 enlistment -Interview February 2018)
-Answered all the questions on form as accurate as possible, same thing with investigator of course.
-Investigation was closed a few weeks ago.

-Only international travel is had on last years was between Western European home country and US, as documented on my passport. I had however one travel to South Korea that must have been just within the 7 years travel history, before I even lived in the US. I am not sure AT ALL if I mentioned that in my form OR interview but believe it completely slipped my mind.

As the investigation is now closed and I never heard from my investigator since the February interview, I am wondering: Will this be a major issue for adjudication and seen as dishonest and derogatory ? Could it be they saw that as omission or lie and did not even bother to ask/confront me about it ? I have no doubt they can and will track my complete travel history.

This was honestly a mistake which I didn’t even think of until now. It is not in any way information I would have cared to hide because a simple google search of my name will reveal this very quickly in my bio. I am so shocked right now. Logical reason makes me think that if it had been an issue, they would have reached out again but what do I know ?

I should say, I had less than 3 hours to fill out this whole long form to begin with and used as best of my memory and judgement as I am no longer in possession of an older passport of mine that would have listed that travel.

As a person who has encountered this quite frequently, I would say you have no reason to be concerned. Worst case scenario, your South Korea trip is realized and you have another interview. At that time, you would just explain you did not remember and you no longer had possession of your passport. However, this is highly unlikely. There should be no need worry.

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I appreciate you taking the time to answer. I was really getting worried.
My position is extremely low risk (which is why I can even accept it as a Green Card Holder). Of course I answered everything as accurately as any possible but I literally had only a few hours to gather all information, come up with references etc. I also only had the paper form and my recruiter typed it into his systems electronically.

So, based on your answer I assume that little discrepancies are not an issue as long as they are not material and that they would be brought up to me again if there is need be ?

I guess at this point all I can do is wait, but given that my investigation is already closed and there was no second interview, that might be a good sign ?