Philippines and Thailand

Just a thought but I’m guessing that multiple trips to places like the Philippines, Thailand, and Costa Rica would elicit quite a bit of attention especially if you don’t have family there and have a TS/SCI. What’s the major concern for the BIs and adjudicators?

I would address that concern with your FSO. Has your government security office come back to you and told you that you cannot travel to those countries? Costa Rica would be okay, in my opinion, if you stay in the resort areas.

I think that you need to clarify somethings: You have a current TS/SCI? Since being cleared you made multiple trips to these countries? Did you report the trips in advance?

I don’t see any of these countries as particular problems but, I don’t believe you should be traveling outside of the country without notifying your FSO at the least.

My client requires advance permission from them to travel to a foreign country with a TS SCI. Even cruises. So if you made these trips and did not report them…it can look suspicious: human trafficking, drugs, meeting with Intelligence officers are but three areas of interest to them. I have reviewed case where people traveled for prostitution purposes as it was legal there…but American’s can be prosecuted for those events. That is a worst case scenario. In my previous position with a separate SCI…I was NOT required to report foreign travel. Check with the FSO on company policies. That said I travel on cruises every other year so I have a lot of travel. It is purely above board so no issues.

I can understand if you’re doing something with kids but…