Listing Unpaid Internship Positions on SF-85


I am in the process of completing the online NBIB e-qip. Under employment activities, the form asks me to complete all full time work, part time work, military service, temporary military duty locations, self-employment, other paid work, and all periods of unemployment.

Since the unpaid internship work experiences do not fall under any of the categories, should I still list it?
Will this be seen as a discrepancy issue since they were all listed on the resume? Moderators?

I have read one other discussion on here on this issue, but the question wasn’t fully addressed.

Thank You

I would list it as it would need to be covered for a T5/Top Secret clearance (new requirement with the tier case types). Just put in the comments that it was an unpaid internship. It would be seen as a discrepancy from your resume, but not something that would raise red flags, you would just have to discuss it. It makes sense why you wouldn’t list it, so nobody would fault you for that.

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