What about the "USAJOBS resume" work history?

Q - When conducting a background investigation for a TS/SCI, does a federal security investigator examine, or cross-reference, the applicant’s USAJOBS resume work/employment history?

Q - Or, does the investigator only examine the work/employment history on the Personnel Security Questionnaire (PSQ) via E-QIP, or the SF-86 submitted by the applicant?

An SSBI includes a review of the resume you submitted for the position, employment listed on previous investigations completed, credit reports which show employers, and the employers you listed on the SF-86.

I have a follow-on question. What happens if the resume’s “chronology” and employment activities are different from the employers I listed on the SF-86?

With my resume, I omitted some employment activities and changed some of the timeframes of other employers to 1) make my resume more simple to read and 2) emphasize the KSAs I know have that are relative to the position I applied for.

However, with my SF-86, every employment activity is completely accurate with the exact/correct timeframes for when I worked at those employers.

Will I be denied a TS/SCI security clearance because of these discrepancies between my SF-86 and my resume?

A resume does not require that all employment is listed, just what you think is relevant to the position you are applying for. Only when employment is shown that is not on the SF-86 is where it is a concern.

Marko, thank you for clarifying everything. So, in order to not list personal identifiable information, here’s a hypothetical. Let’s say that on my USAJOBS resume, I listed that I worked at one employment activity for a 3-year period from 2010 to 2013, but on my SF-86 I listed that I actually worked at this employment activity for only a 6-month period during 2013. And that’s because I have other employment activities that I worked at for more than a 2-year period from 2010 to 2012 that I did list on my SF-86, but I completely omitted that activity from my USAJOBS resume. And again, the reason I did that was to make my resume look more simpler and cleaner, but on my SF-86 it’s completely 100% accurate.

Will that be a problem for me?

As long as you explain the discrepancies during your security interview and there is no outright appearance of falsification or over-inflation of qualifications there should be no problem.

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