Local Agency Check Question

For people with Moderate Risk Positions (Publc Trust); when they say a local agency check…what exactly do investigators look for? Are they looking for criminal records and pending charges if any; or are they looking for any incident report with your name mentioned? I have a friend ask me this question because she is up for reinvestigation and her son got in a bit of trouble at her home and the police was called. A large amount of Marijuana was found and he was taken to the police station; but no charges were filed. She picked him up and signed a release form to bring him home. She is not afraid that an investigator will find record of this and hold her responsible. Can anyone please give me insight on this so I can ease her fears.

Some agencies only provide info pertaining to the person getting the background. Other agencies provide every incident report from every residence of the person getting the background. If “your friend” is interviewed by an Investigator they should disclose all issues at every residence even if they supposedly aren’t the offender.

We are looking for anything that comes with your name and report it. We don’t pick and choose what information is reported. So if you were the victim of a robbery, we report it. If you robbed someone we report it.

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