Mileage tracker?

Hey there. I saw one other post referencing this topic but it didn’t have an answer.

Does anyone have a mileage tracker they use and like?

I will be starting work with SCIS in a couple of weeks and want to find an app that can keep track of mileage for reimbursement. Any thoughts?


I just use the odometer/trip meter in my car to keep track. The hardest part is remembering to reset it when I’m done tracking mileage, not sure how an app would be any easier or more efficient

I use an app called MileBug. As with any app, you have to remember to log odometer when you get in car and when you return. The app was free.

Yes I use one. MileIQ; paid version. Excellent.

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Pen and rite in the rain pad in the field.
Excel at home. Easy. Apps are useless with sign in/out issues, updates, cell service issues, etc.

When I was a rideshare driver, I used QuickBook which was pretty good. The same company that owns QuickBook also owns Turbotax. So, it makes filing tax pretty easier. Anyway, here is a website that might help:

I was thinking about this one. What makes you a fan of the paid vs the free version?

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If I recall, I get unlimited use with paid; free version stops after so many trips or miles before end of month. Also I write off this app on taxes.