NBIB Investigators - How Far Do You Drive

I am currently going through the BI phase to become an entry-level Background Investigator for SCIS and would like to ask all you Background Investigator both fed and contractor, how far do you typically drive for case work?

I live in a large metro area but there are other major cities within a 100 mile radius form me including one of the larges in the US.

I ask because I found out that one of the investigators who interviewed one of my references drove over an hour to do so.

I am trying to figure out if I need to by a new car when I start the job.

I average anywhere from 800-1000 miles per month. Large midwestern city.

Is that mostly smaller trips? Or do you find yourself doing long drives frequently (1+ hours)?

Your driving really depends on your city and your team’s “footprint”.

My org covers two time zones and large chunks of two large states and a small chunk of a third.

When I work in the DC area, I’ve been scolded for crossing the smaller org boundaries in the past.

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I bet DC was exciting place to work.

I live in a large metro area with two Air Force Bases an hour away and another very large metro area 2 hours away…I just hope I am not driving more than a few hours a day or I will need to get a new car.

DC was not a very nice place. Way too many prima donnas in the form of contracting companies.

The good thing about the two Air Force bases is zoning. You should be able to plan your days to spend a full day on the bases.

When I was a contractor and getting mileage -I was able to use the mileage check to pay for my new car and upkeep. But my mileage was well over 1000 miles per month because of my area.

I still put on about 1000 miles each month on the G-ride.

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The company is Perspecta (Keypoint), so I don’t know what the footprint is for the Sacramento, CA Area.

it does vary by duty station though the contractors tend to mirror the NBIB areas.