Mistake on OF-306

I currently work for the Department of the Army and hold a secret clearance. Tuesday afternoon I received a tentative offer with the National Park Service. I completed and submitted my OF-306 Tuesday night and answered no to question 9, “During the last 7 years, have you been convicted, been imprisoned, been on probation, or been on parole?“ I had a court case that concluded just barely within 7 years and when I first submitted the form, I thought it was outside 7 years. After thinking about it for a day I realized this. Thursday afternoon I contacted my HR POC and asked to make a correction on my OF-306. She responded and unlocked the form so I could make the correction and resubmit. I promptly corrected the form and resubmitted. Should I be concerned the NPS will think I’m being deceptive or am I good to go because I made the proper correction? My secret clearance had already been favorably adjudicated with this information years ago, so it’s not like I intentionally withheld.

You are stressing over nothing.
Like you said, that information has already been shared and looked at, on your SF86.
It’s not like you are trying to hide something…

You promptly made a correction after realizing your mistake.
Relax, grab a beer, and enjoy the rest of your week-end :wink:

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Thanks buddy. Sometimes it’s easy to get worked up over small stuff. Just really excited to be moving on from the DoD and thought I had screwed it up. I convinced myself HR would rescind the offer because I needed to make that correction (even though the form isn’t even due on usastaffing until 3 April.) The wife is going on a beer-run now and I’ll do my best to enjoy the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours as well.