Mistake on SF85

Hey everyone,

I submitted my SF-85 2 weeks ago and the other day I was reviewing my inputs and noticed I made two mistakes

  1. Under employment activities, I accidentally put 07/2019, when it was actually 07/2018… this was a retail job that I only worked for 7 months but when I was doing my eqip I accidentally put it at 2019.

  2. Under employment activities, I was unemployed from 01/2016-01/2018, but I accidentally put 01/2016-07/2018.

These are the only two mistakes. I tried emailing the person that sent my eqip about these mistakes, but they said they can’t change to it being already sent to OPM. I don’t get to meet with an investigator since it’s a tier 1 investigation.

Will these mistakes cost me the job? It was an honest input mistake on my behalf.

Date discrepancies are common and won’t affect anything.

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