I keep gettitn error on EQIP Employment

The data you submitted resulted in validation errors.

  • Answer “Do you have an additional employment activity to enter?” question yes or no.
  • Account for your employment activities, without breaks, for the previous 10 years. Do not list employments before your 18th birthday unless to provide a minimum of 2 years of employment history.

I went through 5 times i have no break in my employment then i click no i have no more employment to submit and the error keeps popping back up I dont understand.

The only thing I can suggest is to make sure that your dates are entered correctly. Just double check them. If there is even a little bit of gap between dates it may throw it off.

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did anyone figure this out? I’ve had the same issue for 2+ days. I’ve re-entered my data over 20 times…

It’s the dates they have to match up so if left a job 9/10/19 your next entry has to start 9/11/19

I also am having this issue and it is EXTREMELY infuriating, what’s worse is it’s doing the same thing for my living location as well and keeps giving me errors.

I certainly hope the new equips aren’t asking for exact days now? Month/Year is hard enough for people to remember. Have you answered the physical work location question? "Is you physical work location different than your employers location? " It’s frequently overlooked.

You probably have gaps, which is not allowed. overlap your months, example is 9/17 left, 9/17 started.
Also, you can not leave blanks in the questionnaire for verifiers, their address, zipcodes, etc.

The more time you take to ensure your questionnaire input is correct and accurate, the more you help your timeline.

You have to list unemployment or employment from the day you turned 18 and onward. Ex: Lets say I turned 18 years of age in the month of January in 2014 (01/2014) and was unemployed but was employed for the first time 02/2015. On my E-Qip I would HAVE to list that I was unemployed from 01/2014 to 02/2015.

I need help im trying to get back in to see if my background check went though to agency causes i had to fix some things on there it keeps saying error status but its the right username and password.?
All i really want to start my job

If you mean eQip (or its current edition), you lose access to the site after a short period. You would not be able to make changes once you submitted your information.
You need to check with your future employer instead.

All I wanted to do is go in e-QIP to see if the corrections I made if it processes to agency and make sure everything was ok

You normally cannot change your eQip once the eQip is released to the government. You have the option to print/save your submission when you submit your eQip. You can make a FOIA request for a copy of your eQip submission.

How did you fix it? I really want to know, I already tried more than 30 times to fix it. However, it does not work

I meet the same problem, and I could not fix it more than a week, is anyone firgure out it? I do not have a break date. Or can I make an appointment to EQIP customer servier?