Will DOB discrepancy derail my application

I completed public trust version of EQIP, then did the initial interview two weeks ago.

My background has no crimes, drugs, bankruptcies, foreign contacts, firings or other egregious things, and my character refrerences are good.

Since age 16 most of my official documents and accounts have had day/month backward for my DOB - say, 10/3 vs. 3/10 (the year has always been correct). I didn’t notice this for the first few years, then decided it was not worth the trouble to correct.

Ever since then I’ve just presented whatever docs I had - for example handing in old DL to get a new one - and filled out forms sometimes one way, sometimes the other, depending on whether I noticed the labels on the fields or to make it consistent with info the entity already had about me.

I thought it was unimportant and just wanted to avoid the hassle of having to contact everyone to get it corrected (getting birth certificate and sending copies etc.). I’ve always been identified correctly and paid bills, etc…

Then with the EQIP it suddenly seemed more relevant and I carefully did it correctly. Also explained all this in the interview. Will this prevent me getting approved? I’m afraid it will be interpreted as dishonesty.

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In my humble opinion, I don’t think it will prevent you from getting approved, but it will almost certainly complicate things. Something like this will raise questions, and such questions usually are not asked with the presumption of innocence :wink:

Have you ever tried to get the incorrect documents corrected? I know it would likely be a huge pain but it may be worth straightening out sooner rather than later.

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Thanks Sbusquirrel. I’m willing to do that now…

(@anyone() Is there a way to update my application to say so before it’s decided? The investigator said she would finish in the first week so I’m not sure whom to contact.

If you explained this issue during the interview, let it go. You can not change your eQip once you certify and submit.

My EQIP was completely accurate and doesn’t need changing.

What I did was: Sent off for the birth certificate, and phoned the investigator to say I was starting on correcting the whole thing. It might be too late to affect my case but now I feel I’ve done all that I can.