eQIP modified during interview

Newcomer to the cleared world, had Secret BI done, interim approved, final approved. Now I am on to level 2, SAP, that requires more forms filled out. As I am doing that and came upon foreign associations, I remembered that on my original EQIP I listed two Canadian childhood friends in the “remarks section” as “I’ve known them for a long time but I’ve also lived in the US for a long time, and since then we only see each other once every couple years, when i visit my parents in the same city”. My interviewer told me that they do need to be listed out and she modified the EQIP on the fly. (This was done during a phone interview due to COVID).

So as I am filling out the SAP stuff, it occurs to me that the copy of the submitted EQIP that I retained is no longer the latest version as both the interviewer and the passport verifier (separate agent, separate phone call) made minor changes correcting my first-timer mistakes (breaking out information i provided in the remarks sections). Since I’ve been made aware that consistency between applications is critical, I am wondering how can I obtain a copy of the eqip package that was submitted for the adjudication?

Oh and I have 3 days to get the new paperwork done…

I am confused as to why they did not require you make the adjustments. It is your application. Bad security administration in my book.

Are you referring to Section 16?

No investigator will “correct” your eQIP (SCA) after you have signed and submitted the form, even if that is what they told you. When an investigator tells anyone they corrected the SCA - that means they reported the error and correction in their report of investigation (ROI) to the adjudicator.

The same errors are still sitting on your SCA until you make the corrections and resubmit the SCA. Good thing is your ROI should be sent to the new adjudicator.

With all that said, a security official can make addendum to your SCA - normally with a note of the date and reason the addition was obtained.

In my experience, you always have to fill out an SF-86C for SAPs (in addition to the questionnaire they give you), even if nothing has changed since your last completed investigation (in which case, you would just indicate no changes on the form).

If you have a foreign contact to report that you didn’t report on your original eQIP, just indicate that you have a foreign contact on the questionnaire and also fill out an SF-86C indicating the foreign contact info.

I’ve done this before and it didn’t cause me any problems.