eQIP issue and Polygraph

My periodic re-investigation just finalized early this year and I’m looking at some opportunities that require a lifestyle polygraph.However, there was an issue during my eQIP process where I was basically unable to provide information for a question due to missing information. I brought this up during my interview with my investigator who assured me it shouldn’t be an issue. Obviously everything worked out since there were no hiccups and the investigation finalized somewhat recently.

My understanding is that lifestyle polygraphs go over your answers provided on the SF-86, including whether you’ve ever falsely filled out any forms. Does this immediately disqualify me or how would I even go about answering questions on this topic?

If you were unable to provide information earlier because it was missing, that’s not necessarily the same thing as falsification. If the matter comes up, you could explain it as you’ve done here.

That’s a good point. Thanks!

They’re going to ask if you deliberately falsified your security forms. That’s very different from a mistake. Just be open.