e-QIP correction - Timeline

I tried searching the forum for a related question, but didn’t find any, so I’d like to ask it here. My e-QIP was sent back for a correction and I’m wondering if this means, a) the investigation began, interim denied, full investigation ongoing, or b) investigation is just beginning (as in, even interim hasn’t been determined).

I’m just trying to find out where I stand. Thanks so much!

You haven’t completed your eQIP corrections, therefore your investigation cannot begin until you’ve completed all of the required security files, including fingerprints.

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eQIP being sent back for corrections means your case has not been accepted by the investigation provider (normally DCSA). Trying not to be snarky but the threshold for acceptance is low. Take your time to read the questions carefully and complete your eQIP, if you have the chance to review your eQIP. before resubmitting.

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Also, this is very helpful, thanks for the advice!!

Sounds good, thank you!

Ah I see, thank you!