E-Qip Employment History

I worked from 2013 all the way to 2020, how would I put that down in the employment section?

Can you elaborate what you need help with?


Yes, I’m trying to put in all my work history from 10 years back until now and I’ve put in every job that I had but it’s still giving me that error message.

Was there any overlap , like you have two jobs at the same time? Was there any period when you don’t have a job for months? Those could be the reason.

The start day of job 2 must begin the day after the end day of job 1, and on and on. No gaps are allowed relating to dates.

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I did that and I’m still getting the same message.

Praying for whoever gets this mess of a case eventually


If your employment ended in 2020, you will need to list a period of unemployment from the date it ended to present. Otherwise there will be a gap in your history and you will get an error message.

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