Multiple affairs and home in foreclosure

My ex has a clearance and he has stopped paying the mortgage on our house while the divorce is pending appeal. It’s about to go into foreclosure. Can he lose his clearance over this? Also, he had multiple affairs with married women who were contracting with the government agency he worked for.Could that also affect his clearance?

First, love the username you chose. Love Arya. Er. I mean a girl with no name.

Could he lose his clearance? Possibly. Will he be? Depends on how honest he’s been with his sponsoring agency and FSO. You used the word affairs, and not affair. That implies a pattern. That’s usually a bad sign as well.

I suspect you’re wondering if you should report him. Perhaps. But not if you’re meaning to do so in a vindictive way. Causing him to lose his job won’t take away any of the pain you’ve experienced in this.
Now if you’re concerned he may lose his job when this info is eventually discovered, which will likely lead to financial headaches for you and possibly your family. Then yes you should be concerned. And you should definitely confront him about it and inform him that it is a very serious issue. But he should be the one to notify his FSO.

I tend to believe that post on behalf of others (e.g., I’m posting for my son, my friend, a relative, my ex, etc) are just masquerading around with a fake identity in hopes of some attaining some psychological barrier to be absolved from scrutiny from online posts.

But, I digress.

To answer your question, yes, your ex (you) can lose his clearance over this. Depending on what type of clearance he has, there will be a periodic reinvestigation, and these issues (foreclosure on home, divorce, etc.)

Any background investigator will look to interview you (or your spouse) and ask questions pertinent to determine if the subject can be coerced by others. In this case, a chatty ex that rags on about “multiple affairs with married women who were contracting with the government agency he worked for” would definitely damper the clearance and any future job prospects that require a clearance.

I think that you are correct. I suspect that many are non-DOD IC wannabes?