NACI Current Employers

I am applying for a job that requires the NACI background check and I’m wondering what is involved with the written inquiries to current employers. I don’t wish for my current employer to find out about this new job until it is official. How are the employers notified and are there any details about a new job being applied for during these written inquiries?

Usually the NACI will not be initiated until you are offered a position, which is contingent upon the completion of the investigation and a favorable adjudicative determination. The written inquires to an employer merely ask to verify the dates of employment that you listed, and whether you were terminated or just voluntarily left. It also asks for any other information that may be of concern.

Thank you for your response. I’ve been offered the position, but I was told to expect the NACI to take 90-100 days. I am certain that when I notify my employer that I am changing jobs that I will no longer be employed due to confidentiality concerns. I don’t want to be jobless for 3 months is my concern. Thank you again for your help.