NAVSEA security clearance compatibility

To Whom It May Concern,

I am currently holding a SECRET clearance with NAVSEA. I have had it since I was 16 and it had been renew twice. My re-investigation is September 2022.

I am applying for position with MDA, USMC, and other DoD agencies. Is my NAVSEA clearance recognized by other DoD agencies, specifically MDA and USMC. I do not have a problem filling out the SF-86 but my friend had been waiting for DHS to process his clearance for over 12 months and is affectedly giving up on a job offer that has 15% salary increase.

Thank you,


None of the DoD agencies you mention are part of the Intel Community (IC) such as NSA, DIA, NGA, so yes, your current clearance should be good, as long as the positions do not require Top Secret.

DHS is of course an entirely different animal.

Thank you. I hope you’re correct. I hate to have to wait to start a job once selected just because of paperwork hold-up.