Navy ocs application and sf86 issue

I am submitting a package for OCS and I wanted to edit my NASIS for drug use/time frame(slight changes, a month or 2 for dates and change my 8 uses for marijuana to around 13 in the last 7 years and even a time I bought weed last year for my friend). My recruiter said its all submitted and I cannot edit it… What should I do? Will I have an opportunity to amend this or should I stick to my story?

You should have an interview with an investigator and that will be your opportunity to clarify/update info on the form. But be advised when you start having a conversation along the lines of “well maybe it wasnt five times it was more like ten” they will push you to clarify “if it was ten, could it have been twenty?” THAT is the point is where you need to stick to your story, so make sure the updated info is the truth. They might also ask, why didnt you put this down originally, so be prepared for a question like that as well.


Ok awesome. Will they also give me a hard time about changing the dates of my drug use? nothing extreme just a month or two.

Again, they might push back a bit and say “sure it couldn’t have been a month or two later?” but that’s about it.

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Thank you man. Some other ppl saying that im screwed and all this other stuff because I messed up a little information. I appreciate it.