NBIB Badges and credentials

Does NBIB issue the same badges and credentials to contractors such as SCIS?

Yes. But they are different from the NBIB Special Agent badges

The basic difference is the federal shields are golden color and have Special Agent and the contractor shields are silver without Special Agent.

I usually only show the picture portion of the creds (the cred holder is a triholder)… Most folks don’t notice the difference between silver and gold shields.

Are OPM special agents LEO?

civil investigators. There are a few criminal investigators.

This is why we can have contractors help us out.

Gave up carrying a gun on duty 18 years ago.

1810 - general investigation, 1811 criminal investigators are within OIG

Are contract employees also considered special agents?

No. Contractors & Hourly’s who are not direct federal employees may not refer to themselves as agents. They are called, Special Investigators (retained by) NBIB (or name sponsoring agency).