Need some clarification section20B

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Need some clarification on section 20B - Foreign Business, Professional Activities, and Foreign Government Contacts”, the question was "Sponsorship of a Foreign National
Have you in the last seven (7) years sponsored any foreign national to come to the U.S. as a student, for work,or for permanent residence?

So back in 2015 I signed and filled the required paperwork to sponsor my wife at the time for permanent residence. So since that was more than 7 years ago and we are no longer married my answer was no . Did I do the right thing or would that be something I need to fix ?

It’s not meant to be a trick question. It gives you a specific timeframe to report. Your situation is outside the scope of this question.

The question means exactly what it ask. In the past 7 years. 2015 is more than 7 years ago.

You signed the paperwork and started sponsoring her in 2015 but when did you stop sponsoring her? If you have sponsored her at all during the last 7 years then it needs to be listed.

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I was thinking the date of sponsoring is the date the event occurred that’s why I answered no since it’s out of scope . The way you thinking is exactly what made me post the question for clarification. I already submitted my equip I had my interview and the Invistigator didn’t bring it up ,my references , coworkers and my ex wife all been interviewed as well . Any advice on what should I do now? Not sure if it could be fixed now or my answer as a no would be checked or if it could affect me and be looked at as if am lying.

Yes that’s what I thought but HRC2 comment got a point and that’s why I have a concern regarding my answer , I wish I thought about that before so I would have brought it up during the interview, now it’s really stressing me out and I feel it’s too late to be corrected or discussed

No need to list, the event was more than seven years ago and the exspouse will also be listed as a, well, former spouse.

Thank you for clarifying, yes I listed her as a former spouse and she was interviewed