Foreign activities

So my ex gf (us citizen) once owned property in foreign country. So I feel I have to list under 20A.1 but then question 20A.3 specifically asks about property. Is this common to list this twice?

Much of the asked information I don’t know so would have to ask her … Then I got to thinking I’m only listing this because it says “cohabitant”. She isn’t my cohabitant any longer, so do I still list any of this at all?


There is no need to list if she is not your spouse or cohabitant.

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Thank you.

For the people that know you well section. Does each person must know me for 7 years? I moved to west coast about 5 years ago, so a reference I use out here has been in a more closer daily contact for most recent years, it’s just not 7… more like 4 years…I assume too they have to be citizens? is naturalized citizen ok? He became citizen long before I met him

Oh and about naturalized citizens , I have another friend she became a citizen during the last 5 years I’ve known her. So should I list her as foreign contact?

Thanks again

To answer your question about the people that know you well, no, they don’t each have to know you for 7 years. When I asked that same question I was told that the combined association between the three people has to be the last 7 years, but they don’t each have to know you for the 7 years.

That being said, I do think it’s a good idea to go for people who have known you for a fair amount of time. I’ve seen some investigations ask for an additional reference in the place of someone they won’t interview because they haven’t known the subject for very long.

1995 era language on questionnaire
“… whose combined association with you covers as well as possible the last 7 years.”

2017 updated language
“… whose combined association with you covers at least the last 7 years.”

Hi backgdinvestigator,

about naturalized citizens , I have another friend she became a USA citizen during the last 5 years I’ve known her (from Taiwan). So should I list her as foreign contact? Because I would like to list her as someone that knows me well. But I don’t think I can list in multiple spots. I very much appreciate your help. Thanks

For a regular SF86 submission, I would say no. If you are going for an IC investigation - you will want to ask your recruiter.

Naturalized citizens from certain countries are scrutinized more than others. The question is not an easy one for Subject’s because you have known a foreign national in the last seven years, she just happened to become a naturalized US citizen during those seven years.

Thanks again for taking the time answering. I guess what I’m realizing is I don’t have many friends outside of work. Two long time colleagues i still chat with, grab a beer with if they are town… My last two girlfriends we just did things together as we often didn’t have much free time. I didn’t need to go “drinking with the guys” , I didn’t attend company happy hours as I got older, I just wanted to be with my girlfriend. Admittedly I guess I could say I’m a bit of a homebody. I have plenty of work references that would have glowing things to say, but aside from a rare card game we were not best buds after work or anything. Is this going to count against me?

I actually came across the same situation in a recent case. It can go one of two ways:

You are not required to list the person as a foreign contact if they are currently a US citizen and have no other current citizenships.

If she is a dual citizen (aka she became an American citizen but still also has a Taiwanese citizenship) then you would be required to list her.

Even if you end up not needing to list her, I would mention it in the interview just to cover your bases cause it’s definitely not a common scenario.

Of course, in the case of “developed” informants there is no such minimum requirement. My IC clearance was derailed largely by co-workers who had barely known me 1 1/2 years!

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