Need some opinions

A few months ago I was trying for a security clearance job. I haven’t had a clearance since 2019 (see my only other post for clarification). I received a tentative offer then later received a letter saying the offer was rescinded. Here is the reason they gave me:

“The reason for this action is because the results of the most recent background investigation indicate that your file contains derogatory information.”

Is this just a generic copy and paste reason or is there some meaning to this? My last investigation was 3 years ago. Does derogatory information ever “clear out” so that I can get a clearance? The only derogatory information that I should have was an OSI investigation in 2016 (I was not charged or disciplined), a chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2020 (completely resolved and my financial situation has vastly improved), and two job terminations in 2019 (due to high amounts of stress relating to my divorce and loss of children/starting to pay child support which drastically deteriorated my financial situation leading to the bankruptcy).

Everything has been resolved ever since then. Any opinions or advice on this?

You have named more than one reason you could easily be denied a clearance. A bankruptcy just two years ago is one. I believe the number one reason people get denied clearances has to do with finances. Then, being fired from two jobs could be a concern, as well. Likely having both in your recent background put you over the top in terms of likelihood for a clearance denial.

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I received some info today from a prospective employer that said I’m showing in DISS as “no determination made”. So it sounds like my investigation wasnt denied. I was terminated from the job 22 days before they transmitted my investigation for adjudication. That was 3 years ago so I’m not sure how it still shows as “no determination”.

That normally means no clearance (the process was terminated before your case was adjudicated). You will need to go through the whole process to regain your clearance.
The old derogatory information is still in the records and you will need to address them as they still fall in scope.