Never ending issue

A quick timeline, I received my first TS back in 1997. After getting out of the military 4 years later,I took a temp job and during that time, I made a huge mistake and looked at some adult images on a work pc. It was found out shortly after and I was let go from that job. I moved on and found a permanent job in another state. about 7 months after the incident I was questioned about the incident and made an even bigger decision and I lied about it. I hear nothing for about 3.5 years when I get a letter of denial. I ended up going to DOHA and while I was able to mitigate some of the concerns, I ended up losing my clearance. Fast forward 5 years and I re-applied to DOHA and was granted the ability to re-apply for my clearance, so I go through the entire BI and in 2011 Im again granted my clearance. Im now in my reinvestigation that I originally filled out in march of 2016. I had my first investigator investigation late last year and I just got a call from another investigator who has more questions.

Ive never had any kind of issue before or after this. Some of the things that frustrate me are the questions asked. What where you thinking when you did this. Why did you do this. I answer as honest as possible about an incident that happened almost 17 years ago, but I never feel the answer is good enough.
The anxiety this is causing is unreal. Its amazing how these two horrible decisions continue to plague me. If theres a question I have, its how come something thats already been mitigated several times, continues to be such a huge issue. I always expect it to come up, just not so much I guess. Its odd to think that If I make it through this re-investigation, ill be answering the same questions again in 5 years and 5 years after that, always wondering if I’m going to keep my job.

How stupid… they clear you after knowing about the incident in 2011 and are questioning you again in 2018 about the same crap they cleared you for in 2011… this is a perfect example of the moronic redundancy in government.

No wonder it takes these jokers so long to clear people…


The only thing I can say is try not to take it personally. The investigator has your case, there’s this issue from your past, and they’ve got to do their best to get the info that they think their supervisor or reviewer will want to see. Also keep in mind that anything that smells like inappropriate use of computer systems is a big red flag.

This sort of thing is all part of what we have to put up with.


Be consistent in what you told them each time and what is a matter of record. I would somewhat feel okay knowing you recleared once, if you put that info on the “revocation” question. If you concealed that…it will now haunt you. Not sure of your age, but I would add maturity also gives 20/20 hindsight. What may have seemed like a reasonable thing to do (looking) at available naughty images…at a young age…a wiser person instantly thinks of the violation, impact and concern and averts eyes. Also if yu opened an email and saw it vice searching the internet for it…difference.

Youthful stupidity is a mitigation.

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I’ve definitely been open and consistent. I was 21 at the time of the incident and I just turned 39. It’s the fact that I was so open on the initial interview that I’m surprised they have come back with addition questions. I’ve worked very hard since then to ensure that I’ve not done anything to jeopardize myself and have what I consider a dream job. The thought I could lose it because of this is disheartening. It’s the uncertainty of it all that is the hardest.

I feel you on that. No matter how long in this industry, each time any of us are selected for another Poly…you are left in the squishy space until you get re-cleared. You must go over in agonizing detail embarrassing low points in personal behavior. Take a pen home from work? Use the office copier or printer to print your child’s picture? You will be discussing that. Heavy porn habit? You could be discussing that, prostitution…personal conduct, previous write-ups…all kinds of things we wish would not see the light of day. I feel strongly if you were up front at age 21 and since then, lived a good life, decent credit, no drug use or other misconduct, it is all in your favor. An anomaly based on age. If nobody had that issue in their life it wouldn’t be a billion dollar industry. Period.