New NBIB Website Information for Cleared Industry FSOs and Applicants

For those not aware, NBIB has promulgated their website with a new section targeted for Cleared Industry folks. Go to this link to find out more:

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I like this part:

The National Background Investigations Bureau is responsible for serving as the primary executive branch service provider for background investigations for:
- Eligibility for access to classified information;
- Eligibility to hold a sensitive position; suitability, or for employees in positions
not subject to suitability, fitness for government employment

So we have have several categories from holding a security clearance to holding a sensitive position to being suitable to being fit…

And we have several tiers of investigations…

Does “fitness” require an investigation? I never heard of this term until it appeared on this web site a few months back.

Fitness is the term used for contractors regarding eligibility. Suitability is the term used for government employees. Both are adjudicated under the same guidelines.

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I was a contractor for many years and never heard of fitness… is this for contractors being hired to work on-site?

Contractors working on a government contract who have access to facilities and/or IT systems. Fitness also refers to those government employees that are in excepted service positions that do not fall under the CFR for suitability. Suitability and fitness are synonymous when it come to adjudication.

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