OF 306 and Suitability

I was recently given a tentative offer for a Government Job with a start date two weeks from now. I previously received a secret clearance about 3 months ago for a kob with a govt contractor. 18 months ago i was terminated from a private sector job. This was fully disclosed in the sf86 i filled out and it was favorably adjudicated. its the only blemish on my record.

I filled out several forms including the of 306. of course I disclosed the termination once again in the form. It’s been a couple of weeks since i submitted the form and i haven’t heard anything from hr. I feel stuck because i want to put in a notice at my current job but i wanted to wait for the final job offer.

Does the agency automatically get a copy of the information in my sf86 and could they be using it to determine suitability? How will the previous termination be evaluated regarding suitability?

I am in a similar situation, hopefully someone will respond. I never got a response to my question. Basically I was terminated, and the selecting official never contacted my references. The federal agency I was working for are absolute liars, and will ever lie to a background investigator to ruin someone life. I cant believe how a background investigator turns a lie into a factor by putting it on my federal employment investigative record without consulting with. The agency requested for the selecting official to contact my negative employers as a reference. I feel they should call my references on my resume. That’s what the SF-85 is for, to tell the agency side of the story, and explain and defend your side of the story. For me I never got an SF-85 yet, and everything lies on my OF0306.

I think our situations are a bit different but i do hope you get answers. Im a contractor moving to a government position. Same job, just as a civilian. my termination happened 18 months ago when i was working for a large corporation(7 years at that job with no problems). im not concerned about what they will say as i fully disclosed everything i knew. it was at will employment and terminations are pretty common. my question is more so, did my favorable adjudication 3 months ago cover fitness/suitability? is there reciprocity? and, could they be reviewing it which is causing a delay or is it just moving slow just like everything else I’ve seen with this process?

Why would an investigator only interview the references that you handpicked? Of course employers you had a negative experience with would be contacted so that the pieces of the puzzle can be put together

This isnt investigator contacting a negative reference it’s the selecting official. The selecting official never contacted my references on resume. HR requested to contact the reference on OF0306. I believe this part should part security Specialist job. The reference provided on resume should be contacted by the selecting official.

I am not upset that they interview someone negative, the fact the individual lied to them and the investigator put it on my background investigation as permanent record. The problem is there no way to remove heresay information. How would you feel if an investigator, asked me about you and I said some really harsh things about you. Then you contact opm to remove it, but opm tells you, you need to provide evidence to remove.

I would feel okay with it because the background investigator is simply doing their job. Our job is to ask questions and report the responses, especially negative ones. We are not tasked as human lie detectors, simply information gatherers.


What is the point for someone to swear under oath, even if its lie?

Should you skip asking that part to job applicants or reference if an investigator is just going take whatever negative information that they can get regardless if it’s true or a lie?

References are not required to take an oath, either sworn or unsworn.
Like I said before, it’s not the investigators fault that they were told whatever it is they were told. Their job is to ask a set of required questions and report those responses.

It’s the investigators job to report what he or she was told. Lies rarely end up affecting adjudication because they are “one off” types of information. If a reference says, “He’s a nut job, there’s no way he should be trusted” and everyone else says, “He’s a great guy, very trustworthy” the investigator AND the adjudicator will pick that up. No one is going to damn you because of one piece of uncorroborated information.

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Also, if an issue is developed, then the investigator is obligated to try and see which story is correct or how the stories blend.

Another point is that many “surprises” people tell us have no adjudication value and are not pursued.