Of-306 explanation

I answered yes to the 7 year question due to being on probation from a 2008 felony incident. November would make 7 years. I filled out the 306 on USA jobS and it didn’t give me a chance to provide an explanation, only the incident date, location, etc. This is a low level position that only needed the sf-85 (no P). Should I send an email explanation to the security team or should I want until they reach out to me?

Also, I have other charges outside of the scope that were expunged (2004) and dismissed (2007), so do you all think these will stop me from getting a job with VBA? The security team stated I should be okay as long as I haven’t done anything in the past few years, which I haven’t, but I suffer from anxiety and I’m losing sleep over researching this issue.

There is a continuation section on the OF306 where you should have provided more details. Not to worry though, if the requesting agency is concerned, someone will contact you.

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I talked with the VA security team and he mentioned that my eqip needed to be rejected because I had to put VSR as my current job. He then asked me if I had received my official offer. I advised him no. He said he would need to have my 306 adjudicated and that someone might call me if they have questions. I did receive my official offer and start date. So since it was adjudicated, were my prints already ran through FBI database (he mentioned prints, but cant remember word for word)? Also, is it normal to receive an official offer prior to investigation?