Next job from Background Investigator?

What are some jobs/careers that background investigators are going into after they are cleared?

Very few that I know of. This is a very specific and unique skill set.

I would say that maybe the only 1-2 jobs that are somewhat transferable which would be a Security Investigator for a Contractor or Federal Agency or a Facility Security Officer (FSO) and both of these positions require some training and experience typically before being hired.

Outside Sales and general sales jobs also are also transferable skills that we have as we can make contact with the general public and get information from people.

Personnel security assistant
I know two people who was let go by gdit working as personnel security assistant
I was let go by gdit and works in record department for a government agency

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I’ve known a couple people who have moved on to become industrial security specialists. Unfortunately for this line of work, the day to day grind doesn’t translate much, but the soft skills you gain from the position are invaluable (time management, interacting with people, organizational skills, etc). You can also look at intel analyst positions, as report writing can translate over to that. Also the investigative experience will help qualify you for a private investigator license (for states that require one) and you can skip the intern/apprentice requirement some states have and go directly for the license. There can be good money in the PI field


I’ve seen some bank fraud investigator positions that may translate to what we do.

Agreed, many investigators are working as personnel security assistants now.

Uber Driver
Car Washer
Ticket Taker

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