Non-OPM Investigations? Phone Number for Status?

Hi All, new guy here. Glad for any help you can provide.

I accepted a TO with DHS NPPD back in October. The position requires a Secret clearance. Just called the 5612 phone number and they told me they don’t have a pending investigation for me. I know OPM/NBIB doesn’t process all investigations but does that also mean they can’t see the status of all pending investigations? If they can’t see them all, who is likely processing my clearance and is there a main line for them I can call to get a status?


I would try and contact the DOD number or contact your FOS to find out who they are doing the investigation through.

OPM/NBIB only see the cases assigned to them. We don’t normally have insight to the other investigator provider’s on-going cases.

Thank you both for the help.

Here is the OPM number 724-794-5612 and you can talk to a live person and they can give you the DOD phone number.