Not enough sources?

I’m currently having my first SSBI done on me for a job at DHS. It’s for high risk public trust, but is still the whole nine yards. I’m currently working the job, as I was given an advanced EOD.

I had my background interview two weeks ago and answered all questions honestly. I had heard many of my friends, co-workers, and family members say they were contacted by an investigator. After the interview my investigator said she had to have everything done in the next couple of days and that I would know of the decision in late December, early January.

Well, today I received a phone call to meet with th investigator at my work again to “pick my brain” for some more sources. She told me that they were light on sources. I thought this was strange given that they had developed two sources (people from my past that I hardly remembered) and interviewed numerous others. Also, I thought it was strange because they did not interview one of the names I gave on the SF-86. I figured they’d at least try to get him to give some sources. Finally, they went to my neighborhood to interview two neighbors that literally knew me for 25 years, but left after they didn’t answer the door.

I guess my question is in regards to whether this is normal or not? Does an investigator ever “botch” the interviewing of sources? One of the investigators spent five days in my home state talking to everyone I knew. I’d be grateful to get some thoughts on this…

I wouldn’t worry about it too much–probably they have to contact a minimum number of names that you give them and aren’t there yet. I was asked for an additional reference when I went in for my interview: I gave them three extra names just to be safe. You might also ask if you can do anything to facilitate them getting in touch with the neighbors that they weren’t able to contact.

Thanks for the response. I’m a little frustrated because I gave them names during the interview and it doesn’t look like they contacted them. They also didn’t contact my roommate to interview or verify my residence from a couple of years ago. There’s also been a pattern of me trying to assist them with providing information and being told “no, that’s fine” and then a week later getting an urgent phone call to provide the very thing I offered.

But you’re right, I shouldn’t get too worked up over it. After all, as long as I’m continuing to be honest I know I’ll be granted clearance…eventually.

SSBI’s are a thing of the past. Sounds like a Tier 5 which differs in a few ways.

Not your problem to worry about. There are checks in place to ensure certain criteria are met and there is a method to the madness as bizarre as that may seem. They’ll interview who they want and who they deem the most appropriate choice for certain aspects of your investigation.

They might also want to get references for different times in your past or for specific employers… did the investigator say anyhting about that?

I suspect that the reviewer wanted more sources and kicked it back. If its a contractor doing the investigation, they’ll be under pressure to get the thing done and off their books.

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