Obtaining the Interview "face to face" for DoD Secret

Good Morning All,

I’ll forego the traditional “long listener 1st time caller” stuff. My question is the outcome of what could be called for a lack of descriptive terms… WTF?

I was granted my Interim Secret back in Nov 2016 this after a blazing record setting waiting of only 39 days from when I dropped my SF-86 into the hat. We fast forward to Jan of 2017 when I got a nice email from a RSO (in the Philippines no less) wanting to schedule my “Face to Face” to complete the process and get the official stamp of “DoD Secret”.

Flip side of this hit record was I was in Baghdad working at the U.S. Embassy and my then employer wasn’t to keen of letting me pop smoke back home (I’m a Expat in the PI’s) to do it.

I emailed the nice RSO Lady and explained my tale of woes where as she said she’d contact “her people” and schedule me for it in Baghdad…sounds to easy right ? well Murphy’s Laws kicked in seven fold; I was emailed by her stating I would be contacted. Well it never transpired campers.

Now I am being told by new companies Sec Rep that I have to come back to the States for my “Face to Face”… this will not be cheap nor inexpensive to complete.

Any ideas as how,whom or what this ExPat can to to facilitate a “Face to Face” at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul where I currently hang my hat ?

Many thanks in advance & Semper Fidelis

Great story but I think this is between you and your “Sec Rep.” I don’t think you are able to go outside of that realm to do your interview. I may be wrong.

As far as I am aware there are no background investigators in “war zones”. Contractors cannot go overseas, so given it is an NBIB background investigation, it would have to be done by a federal employee and they aren’t in Iraq. Now, maybe I am wrong and there was a TDY to Iraq at some point and someone somewhere had a BI in a war zone, but this is not normal. Subjects who are overseas usually ride it out on an interim until they come home on R&R. Then we get the case as a “catch them in CONUS” case and we drop everything to get it done. I have never heard of someone being force to travel to the states for a BI interview. Again, that could have happened somewhere to someone, but no subject has ever told me that they were forced to come home (and pay fo get there) just for the BI. Given it seems like you are moving from one company to another, it might be a requirement of you being employed…but I wouldn’t know those specifics.