OF-306 question 13b

So I have accepted a federal offer with HUD ( Housing and Urban Development ) I submitted the information for my pre-employment background check and I received an email letting me know that during the investigation they found that I have items in collections and that the total amount of items equaled out to $5289 now the items are small to large, I know there is no excuse to why I haven’t paid off the items but between moving across country for a new job to my finance being in the hospital for an extensive amount time and me being the only person with an income times have been hard. I have called every account on the collections list and set up payment arrangements and I have letters from all the companies showing that I have set this up and the first payments are going out next week. I owe state taxes to the state of OR and I have been making making payments on that as well. I have student loan debt as well but my loans are in deferment as I am currently in school. I have provided documentation showing my loans are in deferment until 2021.

My question is: Will I be granted clearance for HUD or will they look at my paperwork and say no?

Any advice will help or words of encouragement is acceptable too

Which clearance Does the job require? Did you accept a tentative offer or official offer? Did you meet with a BI Investigators? $5000 in debt doesn’t seem like much. Also, if you’re in a payment plan that helps.

It said security so I’m assuming maybe low level security clearance, the background check was done through public trust. I accepted a tentative offer. The offer comes after the background check , no it doesn’t I received an email called letter of interrogation asking for proof of payments and to submit everything back by next Thursday. No I have not met with BI investigators. No it doesn’t seem like a lot but getting an email telling you this can prevent you from starting it has me a bit worried. I have payment plans for all of it to be paid off by the end of the year.

Hi, I was wondering if you ended up getting any update? I also received a tentative offer from HUD at the end of September and was asked to fill out the of306 and eqip. I am hoping to hear something by this week, especially since the HR rep thought it would take about 2-4 weeks, but I’ve heard other people say it takes longer.

Hey there,

Yes I did receive an update and was granted clearance but I had to turn down the offer as my husbands health is rocky right now and moving is not a good idea. But it did take a while before I heard back from HUD security. I would say it took 4 weeks before I heard back finally. Hang in there you are halfway there at least.

Aw I’m sorry to hear about your husband, hope he is doing better. That must’ve been a hard decision.
Do you remember if it was 4 weeks from the tentative offer, or 4 weeks from when you submitted your e-qip? I have to schedule things for my current job jow, and I’m trying to push them out as far as a I can, but it gets more complicated as the weeks go by.