Transferring to Another Federal Agency and Back Taxes

I just (tentatively) got my DREAM job at another agency after working at my current one for nearly 12 years. I currently have a public trust clearance but have to go through another background check before I’m official at the new job. Ten years ago, I ran into big financial problems, which included problems with taxes and other debt.

I set up a payment arrangement in 2014, which held until 2020. I’d assumed they kept taking payments out of my check until I got the tentative offer for this new job. I was truthful about how much I owed and that I had a payment plan in place. But I only just realized that my payments had gone down to $30 instead of the $150 I was paying every pay period. So, I’ve just filled out the Form 2159 to update the arrangement. Before I even interviewed for the job I was trying to work with the IRS to understand how much of what I’ve paying over the past nearly seven years was going to the principal since my balance is STILL over $20k. I couldn’t get a straight answer. Also, I have a lot of credit card debt that I’ve been on top of but it doesn’t help my credit score AT ALL.

So, even though I’ve had/currently have payment plans in place, was honest about my situation on the form and don’t anticipate that this new job requires anything beyond public trust. Having said all this (sorry for the length!) what does anyone think my chances are of passing the background check for this new job? I appreciate any (hopefully comforting lol) insights you can give me. Thanks!

From what I understand, there are two parts: one, are you keeping up with your payment plan; and two, is your debt-to-income ratio (or whatever) reasonable so that you have enough to live on… does that make sense? But the first part is making sure you can document that you are current on whatever payment plan you have agreed to.


Just thanking you for your insights (sorry I forgot to before!). After two months and lotsa documentation, I got through this suitability part, now going through eQIP. (Interesting how all this isn’t done at once…) Anyway, I appreciate your knowledge.