Worried about denial

Applied for dream job. Selected. For the past couple of years husband has been taking his time filing taxes. I asked regularly if he filed them he would say yes I’ll contact the CPA then recently this past year he would tell me our taxes are good.

Well now I’m having to get a T2 clearance. And when filling out the e-quip I asked again to confirm and this is what I found out:

2018 federal/state not filed due to him just forgetting. He was military I was the only income for state so I am so upset because I could have filed individual. He said we do not owe. Filed them today w/expected refund.

2019 federal extension filed/hopefully State and federal taxes paid to avoid penalty. Did not file by Oct deadline and currently working with CPA to file business and real estate exemptions. Do not expect to owe additional. Potential to complete in 1-2 weeks.

2020 federal extension/unsure about state paid estimated federal taxes owed will complete by Oct 15 deadline.

I don’t know what to say or do. I was told they were done. Received offer and was told taxes were good and then when I received e-quip found out truth and still not getting full truth. I have 3 days left to submit and I am contemplating just rescinding from job offer.

I take accountability for not asking for proof or filing separate but just don’t know how to move forward. Just wanted to vent. I’ve read all posts so I’m sure it won’t be easy if I submit application. I am current on all debts and have a clean record.

I am a military vet with inactive secret clearance from 10 years and a current fed employee. My record is clean. And I want it to stay that way.

Don’t withdraw, just be honest and move forward. Take care of what needs to be done with the taxes, since they need to be taken care of anyway. This may not be a dealbreaker however, be prepared in the event this causes issues. Good luck.

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Agreed, Keep all your documentation regarding statements from IRS. It could come in helpful later if your investigator asks about it. Definitely not a deal breaker. Taxes have become so difficult for so many “average and above average intellect/education” people to figure out nowadays. You are not alone. Paying taxes used to be considered a patriotic thing people bragged about. :slight_smile: