Tax Payment Plan for 2016

Hi all!

I recently met with my BI, finally. All is looking pretty well from what he mentioned.

I do have question though that never occurred to me until now!

I’m currently on a payment plan with the IRS, for about $1000. In April when I filed, I didn’t realize my current employer was taking too little out of my checks, so I went ahead and set up a payment plan when I filed. Just didn’t have 1K laying around to pay it at the time as It took me by surprise, I was just assuming I was going to be owed a refund.

Was I supposed to report that? It’s not delinquent or anything, and I haven’t gotten any collection notice from the IRS or anything like that. I checked the IRS site today, though, and they haven’t been taking it from my checking account yet as I think I missed a signature somewhere - I had that corrected and mailed in again awhile back.

I can basically log in and pay it all now, I just wanted to know if that was something I was supposed to report anyway.
Reading the question literally (26c) it’s about failure to pay or file… so I did file and pay, just not the full bill on the 15th. Is that what constitutes failure to pay? Further, I filled out my SF-86 at the beginning of the year… before I filed in April, so I didn’t check it then and haven’t thought twice about it.

I think either way it’s an understandable mistake, should I contact my BI regardless?

edit two, for if anyone finds this: Asked my BI - he said I should be fine and won’t require an update as I initiated a payment plan and didn’t ignore filing/doing that. I went ahead and just paid the entire balance anyway.

God I can’t wait until the stress is over.

If you are not delinquent then there is not a need to report it. As long as you have an agreement and are paying (just like a credit card bill) it is not an issue.