OF 306 #13 Answered Yes

Hi Guys!

Question, I’m currently a federal employee and just received a tentative offer for a higher grade promtion . I answered Yes to #13 on the OF 306 because of an overpayment from the Federal Government for about $2000. With the pandemic, gas going up and life I ended up having to file bankruptcy and the overpayment was added as a list of creditors and the amount was discharged and should a $0 balance. The problem is , the account has not been updated to show a $0 balance and it’s showing that amount is still outstanding. I emailed to have it updated and when I talked to a rep she said they are so backlogged with requests and they’re shortstaffed and don’t know when they’ll get it to it. I check with them weekly to get an update.

I gave a brief explanation in the allowed area on the OF306 and I wanted to ask you all if you think that will be an issue with this tentative offer. I hope not…thank you in advance!

Thank you for your response. I am able to provide the documentation to show the balance has been taken care of.

I mostly wanted to be sure that my OF306 wouldn’t keep me from me moving on to the next steps in the hiring process.

Any other comments/feedback will be greatly appreciated.


You guys seem to be very knowledgable…any insight? Thanks in advance!

It is not a suitability issue that would result in the job offer being rescinded.

HI Marko and thank you so much for your response. I feel so much better now. You know panic usually starts to set in when you submit your OF306 and then “crickets”.

I was worried because the position is NCS/High Risk. Does this change your answer?

Thank you!

As long as you provide all required information and can show the debts have been resolved it will not be an issue. Bankruptcy is a legal means to resolve debts and as long as you acted responsibly it will not be an issue.

Thank you so much Marko!