Offer Rescinded - Bother to re-apply?

@amberbunny when you mention stats on credit reports etc., as they relate to clearance, what credit agency does this pertain to? I am well into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy so I have no debt or negative issues but have many closed accounts listed plus the bankruptcy. The bankruptcy was due to divorce, unemployment and other of life’s many issues) But I ask because when I look at my scores for example one agency has me at a 646 while the other two a 693 and 723. (Waiting on my PT pre-employment waiver)

I need your assistance please

Are you referring to govt agency for which the security clearance is being requested for? The sponsor? ie., the employer? The Level of clearance being sought? Or is it a culmination thereof?

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Correct, each agency can make their own suitability determinations. Keep in mind it isn’t the static FICO number that tells the story. It is the payment history. A solid FICO is indicative of current finances being solid. Or not. Clearance folks are more interested in the decisions you make regarding finances. Not so much the money part, though that is a problem if you could be tempted to dig out of a financial hole and sell classified. It is a review of your decision making. Do you make high risk decisions? Are you trustworthy with promises made? Can you live up to promises made concerning not revealing classified? Bankruptcy in and of itself will normally not stop a person from maintaining a clearance or getting one if they are now on solid footing. But it is the circumstances leading to the bankruptcy that are more important than just bankruptcy.

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Are you referring to the Military branch or the Sponsorshing emplayer?

Would it be correct to say each branch of Government has its own standards for assessing the Adjudication Guideline process that can weighted with lesser/greater risk in determining the granting of Full Clearance?