Personal Conduct

Is there a general rule/COA for re-applying after a personal conduct denial? I’m guessing you need to wait at least 2-3 years before reapplying. What mitigating conditions might apply? I’ve read the AG and it is still unclear.

google it - what was the conduct?

Hi Bishop76, can u please mention wat particular personal conduct denial are u refering to?

The further in the past the better. I believe after 9 years most issues are no longer considered. If you were the biggest drug dealer in Miami 11 years ago that probably won’t go away though. It’s a horrible answer, but it depends.

I haven’t intentionally left ANYTHING out (either during the interview or the SF-86), but details from 4 years ago are fuzzy. I waited a while to make a security notification when I should have done it immediately. I likely just forgot because I had so much going on and the chances of spillage/disclosure were nil. I acknowledge that I should have made a note to notify the security rep ASAP but I did not. I notified a bit later. I don’t like the idea that I’m being thought of as a liar when I’ve never had any other issues on an SF-86 that I didn’t bring up first.