Omission on SF86

I am active duty military and currently have a secret clearance. Nine years ago, when I first joined, I did not disclose prior drug use when I was enlisting. I have no criminal history and have never messed with any illegal substance since I was 17 years old, which was 11 years ago. I plan to apply for another position in the military that requires a top secret clearance. I plan on being open an honest about this issue because I have felt terrible about the omission. Is it even possible for this to be mitigated and have that clearance granted or is this just a hopeless dream?

This time period of this drug use is now outside of the coverage period of 7 years. And you were under 18 at the time. If nothing came of it I’d let it go at this point. Go and sin no more.


Yea I understand it’s beyond the time coverage. Its the omission I’m concerned about.

You seem intent on pursuing this so I’ll give you a different answer.

If you’re going for a clearance above secret level you’ll be interviewed and an investigator will ask you— if he or she is competent— if you’ve ever deliberately omitted or concealed any relevant information on any forms, etc. (I don’t believe this is a question on the SF86). In this case, when interviewed and asked, you will confess and explain your past omission.

Outside of this I’m nor sure how you’d rectify your past omission? Perhaps add it in the notes section on drug use?

Nb: your past drug is not a federal offense. Your intentional omission is a federal offense (U.S. Code Section 1001) punishable up to 5 years in federal prison w/ a $250k fine.

Good luck.

The omission will be something you will need to strongly address and mitigate. Be honest and forthcoming with your responses.

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