Correcting an omission on previous SF86

I am an active duty military officer currently holding a SECRET clearance. 5 years ago, during my last renewal for my clearance I failed to report 2 instances of marijuana use that occurred 5 years prior to the re-investigation. At the time of use, I was in an MDAY status with the National Guard and considering quitting the military completely. I ended up staying in, however, and never smoked pot again.

Now, more than 10 years have passed since the pot use and I’m on active duty and am a career officer. I have the opportunity to increase my clearance to TS but am scared of my past omission and don’t want to continue the omission on my next investigation.

I’m worried about losing my current clearance and career if I report it, but want to make things right. Any advice?

No one has a crystal ball to determine what the outcome will be, but here is my two cents worth:

Issue: You smoked pot 10 years ago twice- this is mitigated by time and no use since then.

Issue: You used illegal drugs while holding a security clearance and did not report it- if you voluntarily report this information and explain why you did it, then mitigation can be applied. However, if you wait to see if it comes out then it will be difficult to mitigate.

Ultimately it is you who has to make the choice.