Operation Supplement Safety

I am a civilian working for a DoD contract company and I currently hold a security clearance. I’m a software developer on a Space Force contract. I am wondering if the OPSS (link) list of prohibited ingredients applies to me. Specifically the unscheduled and not controlled substances (obviously can’t take anything against federal law)

I want to emphasize that I am not a service member, nor an employee of the DoD.

Sorry if this in the wrong category.

Thank you!


Anyone have any idea? There are things on here that are not against federal law. It also says these restrictions apply to service members and “DoD civilians”.

So unless holding a security clearance makes me a DoD civilian, I think I shouldn’t have to worry about this list. But I want to be sure


If you’re working for industry (contracting), then it’s based on your employer’s rules and policies I believe. Minus the federally illegal stuff, don’t do that regardless.