Overseas Arrest/ Public Trust and Secret

I have a few questions, but will briefly explain the scenario in which occured:

In 2020, I was in the UK which was only supposed to be for a month, but then the pandemic hit and was stuck there for 4 months due to UK closing down airports. I had met a girl during that brief time in which we did not go to dating stage, but more associate stage. Anyway, the woman had issues in the head I was not aware of and one day, I was called over by her to fix her cabinets in her home. As I was fixing it, she randomly flipped out of now where and starting screaming at me and throwing mangoes at me. I did not raise my voice or anything, but immediately when the first mango was thrown, started video recording for my own protection, because I am fully aware of false allegations.

Anyway, I kept the camera on her as I was backing out towards my stuff so I can get out that house as fast as possible. She thought I was going to call the police on her to get her arrested, so as I was leaving, she was on the phone with, I believe her sister, in which she stated that she knew I was going to call the police on her so if the police come to lie with her and say she was attacked. I obtained all of this on camera.

I left and never returned or contacted her again after that, but then 2 months later when the airports opened again, I was at the airport leaving the UK, in which prior to me getting on the plane, the police came and arrested me (without handcuffs, more like escorted) me to their station. On that same day, I was questioned by the police about the incident which happened months prior.

She apparently made false allegation that I attacked her and the allegation was based on battery. The investigator stated there was no physical damage to her persons or her property ( because it was false). In fact they did not have nothing but her hearsay as evidence. They then after questioning me let me go and provided me the paper on the Refused charge: Insufficient evidence to proceed and walked me right out the front door. That was 4 years ago and I submitted a Subject Access Request for my record from the police this year of 2024 so I can have this for the future when I go for public trust and secret clearance. The only record at the police station which was for that incident states ‘No further Action was taken’. Both the decision to end it on insufficient evidence to proceed and the NFA were decided on the same day of the arrest. The SAR also shows they destroyed my DNA and Biometrics 3 weeks after the arrest and shows that was the last activity on that file.

This was an isolated incident and I actually was the victim. There was no conviction, or court or anything like that, just the arrest, then let go. Since then I have had no issues entering and leaving the UK.

How will this situation be viewed by BI for public trust and secret clearance. I currently don’t hold a clearance, mine expired 2019, but I may go for a clearance position either public trust or secret maybe 2025 or 2026. I have no issue speaking on it to the investigator. I have no issue providing the documents showing the outcome of insufficient evidence to proceed, no further action.

Will the BI contact the UK to get further information despite me providing the documents from them showing the situation is resolved on that day?

Please provide me anything on this matter. I have 0 criminal record in US. 0 debt in US. Never had employment issues. I find this whole situation unfair. False allegations when your the victim and then I am the one who has to be scrutinized. How unfair.

Also, last question, if I get a public trust and I already had this conversation and disclosure during that process, down the line if 2020 is still in scope, will I have to rehash the same scenario again when going for secret? I do IT. Thank you.