Hello all .Quick question.Asking for a friend who just got offered a position which was accepted,with a contractor which will eventually require a public trust clearance .

Few days ago friend was a passenger in a vehicle driven by another friend that turned out to be stolen by the cops that pulled the driver over .Talk about bad luck ,wrong place wrong time .

They were bought taken to the station and my friend was eventually released without charge ,without fingerprints,photos or any kind prosecution or booking as my friend was an innocent passenger/bystander in the whole matter .

Now on the sf85p or sf86 question for arrest,whichever will be used ,is that a yes or no ?

My friend also asked the cops this and they say no arrest was made ,no records exist or will be expunged ,will not show up on any background information check and no fingerprints taken but had to bring both passenger and driver in for questioning.


It sounds like he was simply brought in for questioning. Not arrested. I still have a question in my mind about the need to report this. On the one hand, he wasn’t arrested or charged. All sort of people are questioned by the police while completely innocent and not even being considered suspects. On the other, he was in a car with someone who was driving a stolen vehicle. That shows poor judgement but I still don’t know that it’s reportable.

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Thanks Ed,

Just an unfortunate situation.The driver has been known to him and his family for the past 7 years as an upstanding member of society with no criminal record .He had no inkling that the car they were riding in was stolen as the driver had mentioned he was in a car business with someone else .He did not think to query if true as this was meant to be a known friend .The driver also claimed ignorance of it being stolen as the car was from the other party he was in business with .I believe the driver was charged and will be prosecuted.

For my friend,I think the quagmire is whether to put yes when the time for public trust comes and risk being denied or opening unnecessary issues when there was no issue and “no arrest ,charge etc made .or simply put no as the innocent bystander/passenger that he was.

Aaaaah.Life .

I would say no arrests, but fill the BI person in on the interview. Always good to run your own name prior to submitting just for good measure.

Thanks @amberbunny

Sorry for asking ,what does BI person mean and what is the best way to run ones on record ?

If your friend requires a subject interview with a background investigator(dependent upon level of investigation), he should volunteer this information when asked about arrest, charges or convictions. Although it doesn’t fit the criteria, it’s best to have it on record.

Thanks @northstar.

Is there or will there be any harm or risk simply not volunteering it since it does not fit criteria?


Most likely not, but if the investigation involves interviewing sources of the investigator’s choosing, these things tend to surface. The sources usually don’t have all of the information, so there is an indication of a possible arrest, citation or whatever the source speculates on. That leaves a big question mark. If your friend explains up front in the interview, it will mitigate what might come up later. Does that make sense?

Thanks @northstar.

Makes sense .

What would you say is the best online source or any other means to self run a background check on himself to see if there is anything out there as a double check ?