Parents interviewed and "covered" for me

Had my interview for TS with some prior issues with marijuana and underage drinking when I was in college years ago, which I disclosed in the SF86 and the interview. Investigator wanted references who knew about these so I gave my friends who were there for each incident and I told them my parents also know about these. My friends were called and they verified on their end but when the investigator called my mom, she denied knowing about these, even though she absolutely knew about them. I should have clarified this with my mom but she thought everything was expunged and could no longer be accessed. I also didn’t think the investigator would call my parents as I don’t think its too surprising my parents would refrain from “ratting me out” to the government.

Should I be worried? Or is would this not be the first time parents have covered for their kid?

Mothers don’t remember everything about their kids. With age comes memory lapses. Just becaue you think someone “knows” about something or will “remember” something doesn’t mean they do.
The investigations realize this fact of life. Don’t sweat it.

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It happens more often than not.