Questioning References

I have recently graduated from college and I want a job that requires a security clearance. None of my friends from college and most of my family don’t know that I was on probation through-out college and got off early a little over a month before I graduated. Some friends back home know, but I am not friends with them or don’t associate with them anymore. It was a deferred sentence misdemeanor for 5 years, so it has been expunged, so I have no record. When or if an agent interviews any of them, I am guessing that they will ask my friends and family if I have had a record. Are the Federal Agents aloud to tell my them at all, hint at, or tell them they thought wrong about their knowledge about my criminal history that I was on probation at one time…?? Can you please explain your answer. Thanks.

Also, I heard that depending on the level of clearance that the Federal Agents might not interview friends or family. Is this true? Can you please explain your answer. Thanks.

Investigators are not allowed to divulge any information about you. References will be asked if they have any knowledge of you being arrested or involved with law enforcement, if the answer is no then the investigator moves on.

The ones I engaged with over 20 years know how to phrase questions in a manner the person being questioned…has no idea how pointed the question actually is. If the person asks the investigator “Wait, are you saying they were arrested?” Even a semi skilled investigator can defer saying “No, I am asking you if you know of any arrests, charges or other situations”