US probation Tier 4 investigations

I’ve been offered a tentative offer of employment contingent on a clean medical and Background investigations. My question is regarding my family references. I have no association with most of my emediate family including my mother because of there criminal lifestyle that I cannot allow my children to be a part of. Will they interview my family members? How in-depth are the high risk positions… should I be tracking down past tax returns and my current state employment history to provide to the investigator. I accepted a job that’s 5 states away so I won’t have local acess once I start.
Thanks for all and any feedback

I don’t think it is typical to interview your family, mine never have been. I would have all their information though, and be prepared to list every relative on your security clearance application. You will need all your employment history (going back 10 years). Tax returns usually are not needed to fill out the security clearance application. I would have a credit report handy if you have any delinquent/past due/collections on your credit.

Thanks for the reply mike. I’m currently a state parole officer for 5 years but have worked pt jobs to make up the difference. I suppose they would want all those listed as well? If you don’t remember a job will you have the ability to input information later as the process goes.

You will need to put down absolutely every job you had in the past 10 years, not skipping any gaps or jobs. Putting it all down on your initial paperwork (E-QIP) is required and will help your clearance process go quicker. If additional jobs come up through out the investigation it will look like you are trying to hide it, and will cause delays. It is best to just put anything and everything even if the employment ended on a bad note. I had one job that I only worked at for a few weeks and quit on not so good terms. I put that job down and no investigator has ever said a word about it. Put everything down and be honest and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Thanks for the updated information. I’ve worked a lot of jobs but shouldn’t have much trouble tracking the dates down. I was already offered the job so I suspect they start the investigation after being on the job. There is currently probation officers who have been a year into there employment and not yet interviewed. I also recently got an alert saying that the us government checked my credit so I’m assuming they do a preliminary check before onboard.

No problem, glad to help. I’ve had quite a few jobs as well and it is a pain gathering the information and filling this stuff out. I’ve done it more than a few times now. Good thing is once you’ve gathered the information you can save and re-use in future applications. Having your credit pulled is a good sign that your investigation has started. Keep in mind not every applicant has a personal interview. I’ve had an interview for every investigation so far, but many others get through the process without an interview. Good luck to you!

Thanks for all the information mike much appreciated!!

The T4 will require a record review for all employments in the last five years, plus personal testimonies from employments that last longer than six months. The tax compliance check is still in beta and I doubt it will be active anytime soon. In addition to the myriad of computer checks, the investigation calls for a personal testimony from a where you currently live. In your case if you relocate, one at your new residence and one at the one you just left.

That makes a lot of sense . I get along with my current neighbors and no history of trouble with them but don’t have much interaction with them as well. Will they interview them in person. One of my neighbors is rarely home. Should I notify them that there could be a potential interview. Also i see that the majority of other people with tier 4 investigations go through significantly more hoops ,such as the individuals going to border patrol and the DEA. To my knowledge it’s not as envasive as the other agencies. Most employe polygraphs and other metrics to determine suitability? It appears that the US courts use different hiring criteria’s.
Thanks for the response fesper