Hi all: I posted about the tier 4 investigations a while ago and was hoping to get further clarification back.
My investigation started and my current place of employment was mailed letters and not personally interviewed. I know this to be strange considering all high risk public trust are met in person to validate information. Thoughts?
The investigator interviewed me about past arrests and I told her when I was a juvenile I was picked up for juvenile delinquency (15 years ago). I called my county courts and can’t find any files or arrest records attesting to this. Also when I had a fbi/bci check nothing shows up on the Federal databases. I’m trying to be transparent as possible but can’t find any documents. The investigator said she wasn’t overly worried. Thoughts?
Last is military: I was in the reserves/navy but didn’t make it past boot camp because I was generally discharged because of a serious issue with my wife. It was an erroneous enlistment. The investigator stated that erroneous is not concerning, a fraudulent would be. I don’t have my dd214’s. Should I request them or can she obtain them. I was hesitant to even put the military down as I never finished.
Thanks all

I don’t think it’s concerning about the previous employment and personal interviews, I don’t think that is the norm. Juvenile charges shouldn’t be an issue either as long as you mention it at some point (preferably on the initial SF86/85). Lastly, military, yes if you have a DD214 that you can obtain through the records system, get it. They will want to see that and usually can’t obtain your DD214 for you. The military discharge may be a factor but I don’t see it being a disqualifier in itself. Get your DD214 and offer it to your investigator as soon as possible. As for everything else, try not to worry and let the process run its course. Good luck.

Thanks mike for the response again. I’ve talked to my agency HR and told them about the lack of juvenile records and they responded saying they’re not concerned as they do the adjudication(not sure what that means). I will request my dd214 ASAP. I thought the tier 4 was a ssbi type of investigation but my HR personnel stated it’s much more laxed than what people who get a top Secret. The federal investigation are so confusing. I will do what you say and try to relax. Thanks again