Public Trust time line

Hello All,

I submitted my equip around 03/01/2023 for public trust. I have not received any communication from the investigator at all not even to be fingerprinted.

Does this sound right or is my file somehow lost?

Tier 1 and Tier 2, no contact is good news.


Thanks for your response! I’m not sure what tier I am I guess I will just wait it out.

So the issue is they can’t verify my high school diploma. This is so weird as I have a degree so not sure what will happen now. Anyone have any insight ?

Did you hear from an investigator?

Good morning,

I did reach out once because my sister died and i wanted to update the application with that information.

Submitted equip 03/01/2023.
Asked to update due to death.
resubmitted around 03/24/2023.
I have not been fingerprinted and have not been contacted by an investigator.

I was just trying to figure out why you think there is an “issue” if an investigator has not contacted you?

Just figured I should get a call or something by now. Thanks for your response!!

As a fellow investigator already said, T1 and T2 investigations do not have sit downs with investigators unless there is an issue. Only T4 has required subject interviews for Public Trust. Why you automatically assume you know the issue (school) with no notification is very interesting though.

Not automatically assuming just the first time going through something like this. 'I know my wife has some issues with her past. I don’t know if she could be the reason as well. I have never had to include others in my background kinda a new thing for me. Thanks for your response!