High School Discipline Record and Public Trust

Hello all.

Hoping to get some clarification. I recently completed an SF85p for a Public Trust suitability determination as a Federal protective security officer (Armed)

Although it was not asked during the eQuip; I was suspended in High School for a few weeks for (bear with me here, I was 14 and stupid) bringing display “daggers” to school since a girl for her birthday asked for them and I was dumb enough to agree. No law enforcement was involved and since the the girl and I had a good record, the incident was “Expunged.” We did our time and graduated.

Would this come up during the subject interview? And would this ultimately hinder the process to obtaining a Public Trust?

Thank you

The dean’s office for any disciplinary action is a routine check on education and it may or may not turn up, but regardless, the issue would be mitigated by time, your age, and no similar incidents or behavior since then, BLUF- nothing to worry about!


Just want to say thank you for taking the time to not only answer my questions (job hopping and public trust) lol but all of the other people that come on here seeking clarity and help! Marko your service on this site is irreplaceable!

The investigators will very likely visit your high school.

The record may have been expunged, but the problem arises in that they may chance to talk to some faculty or staff member who remembers the incident, and puts a bad “spin” on it.